IMS League

BMLs sporting teams provide a high standard of competitive play whilst providing members an opportunity to immerse themselves in a strong team which is a perfect outlet alongside academia. Both the Netball and Football team are inclusive, supporting the BML ethos with players from all backgrounds.

The 11-aside Mens Football team compete at Riverside Sports Complex every Wednesday, whilst the 7-aside Ladies Netball team compete at David Ross Sports Village on the indoor courts.

The past year has shown major positive developments in the sports we play, with both the Football and Netball teams achieving status in the top IMS division. Furthermore, off the field team bonding for BML is never segregated, we have held multiple mixed team socials resulting in increased energy and unrivalled team spirit which has been phenomenal. Overall, BML is a must-play-for team and we are excited to see further growth of the team.

Words from the sports Secretary

Max Baugh

I have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been Sports Sec for BML and have given my best effort to improve the teams on last year. This was not easy but I would like to say thanks to Hester Gill who took on captaincy of the netball team, and helped me organise it. The football trials saw an unprecedented increase in numbers from 20 people the year before to over 70 people this year. This was hugely humbling as the year begun on a positive foundation highlighting the excitement around BML. More thanks are in order to Ruairi Devlin and Ryan Baker who helped me run the football team this year, from trials to the end.

Unfortunately, the highly anticipated Croatia Tour I organised for both football and netball members has had to be cancelled due to world events. However, I am hopeful that the following sports secretary will rearrange this for 2021 as it was certainly going to be an incredible finish for the teams.

Personally, I have enjoyed seeing the culture that has grown from teams as I witness the formation of genuine friendships off the field/court. I know the teams will have continued success next year!

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