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Committee 20-21

We are excited to announce that a new committee has been elected for the upcoming year! The committee is as follows: President – Tim HemmensVice President – Yvana Tuladhar-LorenzoTreasurer – Mihir ShahGeneral Secretary – Eve JonesCorporate Relations Officer – Pragun SinghHead of Content – Thandiwe DubeWelfare Officer – Joshua OndomaSports Secretary – Dominic Boothman

Welcome to bml

To those returning back to us, you know the drill by now. But the freshers starting with us this September, WELCOME TO UON! And a big welcome to the BML society! Hope you are all settled down now and ready to start your university journeys.

Starting university can be daunting and even scary at times, we know (been there done that), but it is one of the best experiences you’ll have so far in life so take advantage of it and engage in uni life as much as possible. The next 3, or how many odd, years will be full of ups and downs, let’s not lie, but it will be very enriching. And that is why at the BML society we are going to do the best we can to make sure there are many more ups than there are downs. Scouts Honour! 😊

This year’s committee is made up of some of the most dedicated, resourceful, and enthusiastic members of our society and they are always open to any questions or queries that are bothering you. Especially with the helpful and caring character of this years’ Wellbeing Officer, Joshua Ondoma. Feel free to reach out to him via Email, Instagram, LinkedIn, any other socials you feel comfortable, and of course if you see him around campus (or the rugby pitches 🏉 GO UNRUC!). There’s also our President, Tim Hemmens, and the rest of the committee. Trust me you’re in great hands! If you’d rather not talk to them directly, we are weighing the possibilities of having an anonymous helpline for those who feel more comfortable not being identified. There are also plenty of various resources and places of help provided by the university, and I’m sure they will make themselves known to everyone or ask Josh for guidance on where to find these.

But make the most of all the amazing people around you also! Plenty of friendly faces all over Jubilee Campus, Halls and accommodation, and up and down Lenton. And having a good friendship network is always beneficial and help overcome small issues here and there. Plus, some great nights out. Just remember your masks, and stay in groups of 6! STAY SAFE!

Joke of the week: “Why did the chicken cross the road?  Because the chicken behind it didn’t know how to socially distance properly.”