About us

What do we do?

With over 2000 members, the society provides a platform for like-minded and
passionate students to connect. We host an array of career and social events
for our members to learn and network. Furthermore, we strive to provide our
members with an enriching and holistic experience during their time at

Why are we here?

Our primary focus is to organise varied career events with prominent
companies to provide our members with the knowledge needed to succeed in
their industry of choice. We hope to help our members enhance their
employability to enable them to fulfil their potential.

We also host social events to give our members opportunities to have fun,
establish new relationships, and expand their network. The society also exists
to provide our members with a safe community where they can develop new
interests and learn from one another.

How do we Interact with Members?

Engagement is the key to help us inspire, inform and impact our
members. Through our growing Instagram, personal email updates, and
Facebook we can keep in contact with our members. We are also looking to
introduce a YouTube channel to host podcasts and interviews.